Text Sentiment Analysis (SaaS)

You can develop your human-interactive products with the power of our text based sentiment analysis service.

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Customer Satisfaction and Competitor Analysis Panel

Track your and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses from customer feedback on social media and websites.

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Video Sentiment Analysis (SaaS)

With our service, you can use the satisfaction values ​​of the customers who enter your store or meet online, in the development of your product.

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Speech Recognation (SaaS)

Thanks to our voice-to-text service, you can analyze text, keep records and improve your products.

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Text Sentiment Analysis (SaaS)

We offer technologies such as text based sentiment analysis as SaaS and we enable you to follow this data daily with the analysis panel.

In this way, you gain talent in many of your products, including technologies such as the following.

For example, when replying: You can decorate your answers with emoji, idioms and jokes according to their mood, and direct them to score if they are positive and to create a complaint record if they are negative.

For example, by using it as a preliminary review: You can increase customer satisfaction with methods such as directing to the right representative, prioritizing representative transfer.

The rest is up to your creativity. :)

Smart Cars

Customer Satisfaction and Competitor Analysis Panel

Data Collection

The data on social media and websites such as reddit, medium is automatically collected by the software.

Subject-Based Analysis of Emotions

Reports on which topics your customers and followers talk about positively or negatively. For example, your product was mentioned 3000 times positively and 200 times negatively, about your prices 2500 times positively and 280 times negatively.

Customer Satisfaction and Competitor Analysis Panel (SWOT)

Comparing your and your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses from one-to-one customer opinions will put you ahead of your competitors. You can perform processes such as personnel training, marketing, brand positioning much more accurately with this data.


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